VFW Magazine August 2013 Issue “Command Post”

VFW Magazine August 2013 IssueRecently, I read the Command Post in the August 2013 issue of VFW Magazine. The VFW Commander and Chief touches on several issues and debates concerning our organization and veterans. Our voice is being heard, and the VFW has representatives devoting their time and efforts to support all of our veterans needs. Commander Hamilton stated “High profile issues may take the headlines, but what you do at a local level counts the most. This is where the survival of the organization will ultimately be determined.” I couldn’t agree more with our Commander. As individual posts, it is our obligation as veterans, to carry the torch passed on from four generations. This requires sacrifice, time, dedication, cohesiveness; and a relinquishment of attitude and opinion. As veterans we have the strength in numbers; and we must continue to recruit, invite and encourage all veterans to participate in all of our causes. Without that, are efforts are in vain.  by JR Vice Commander K Adams Post 7401