USArmyVFWCommander: Josh Grant
Senior Vice Commander: Zac Muncey
Junior Vice Commander: Jason Hastings
Quartermaster: Ken Adams
Adjutant: Ken Adams
Judge Advocate: Larnell Norman
Chaplain: John Mealka
Surgeon:Robert Butler
Service Officer: Josh Magnum
3-Year Trustee: John Schneider
2-Year Trustee: Ron Gray
1-Year Trustee: Mel Wascowitz




  1. Devil Dog, this site is great! Great job
    “Semper Fi”
    Gunny “C” (RET.)

  2. Outstanding web site!!! I am enjoying going through it .

  3. Ken,
    My name is Jim Bobbitt from VFW Post 209 in Missoula, MT. I would like to talk to you about your Website I don’t see a phone number for you. Could you call me @406-240-9742 or give me a good number I can call you at. Thanks

  4. Hi Ken, this is Lou Deffenbaugh we met Saturday, My wife and I enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the members, Now that I am retired I would enjoy getting more involved with the members and the officers in what ever needs to be done at the post. Thanks L.A. Deffenbaugh

  5. Ken, Great job on the web site. talk to you later

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