Our Nation’s defenders answer the call to duty selflessly, without hesitation. But all too often, deployments can be incredible financial and emotional hardships for them and the families they leave behind.

VFW National Military Services unites three successful, longstanding programs: VFW Operation Uplink™, VFW Unmet Needs, and the VFW Military Assistance Program(MAP). These initiatives make an incredible difference for our troops and their families.

VFW National Military Services (NMS) promotes positive awareness of the VFW through community involvement, communication tools, and financial support to qualified military service members. With the variety of support offered, three separate programs were developed under the VFW National Military Services department.  These programs are the Operation Uplink™, Military Assistance Program and Unmet Needs.

Though NMS, we offer support and assistance to the military community in so many ways. Whether it’s helping service members weather long deployments or cope with rough financial times, we’re the program that puts the military first. NMS provides assistance and guidance to VFW Posts and Ladies Auxiliaries in their efforts to support our military and their families.  From providing free phone time and emergency financial assistance to farewell and welcome home ceremonies, the NMS department is there showing support for our troops day in and day out. We’ve been there. We understand. And “We’re Here to Help.”

The programs of the VFW National Military Services are funded solely by the generosity of our donors.

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