March 5th VFW Legislative Conference

It is all about having a voice on capital hill so we can continue to support our veterans and our community. Without our volunteers and the VFW, the voice would probably not be heard. For those whom are unaware, there are very few veteran organizations that have a voice at our nations capital.

The National VFW commander just finished testifying to congress today. He mentions several concerns and issues among them were; VA back log, reasonable in state tuition for our returning veterans, and the continued fight for our POW’s and MIA comrades. Commander Thien delivers a clear and precise testimony of why the VFW exists, and why we need to care for our veterans both abroad and home. Commander Thien said  “Everything the VFW wants costs money, but everything the VFW wants is for someone else”.

VFW National Voice

VFW National Commander Bill Thien 2014

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